Monday, March 22, 2021

Good Friday

 It may feel like we have been living one long Lenten season. We began this retreat into our homes March of 2020 during Lent. Here we are a year later coming to the close of these precious 40 days. As one famous preacher put it, "It is Good Friday, but Easter is a-coming!"

Indeed, for us Christians we know that there is nothing that can stop God and the coming of God's kingdom. It may feel like one long Good Friday, but Easter is coming. As we start to make adjustments in our lives as more people become vaccinated and our state government eases restrictions it feels like Easter is right around the corner. 


We still have to walk through Saturday before we can come to Sunday. That is also an important part of our theological make up - that journey from the cross to resurrection takes us through Saturday. This is a time of pause. This is a time to prepare. This is a time to reflect. This is a time to continue to wear masks in public places because we are not to resurrection yet. We cannot bypass Saturday. 

We need to walk all the way through it, not part of it, all of it. That means experiencing all the sorrow, grief, and suffering that is death and struggle. We do not get to pick and choose what we want in this in-between time, we must do it all. Otherwise there is no resurrection. Otherwise there is no safe space from the virus that kills.

Siblings in the faith, my beloved, you are precious in God's sight and worthy of the Kingdom of God. Let us live through this Saturday of Holy Week in our lives and do what needs to be done so that Easter may come. And I leave you with the words spoken a year ago that are even more true today:

Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Physically distance.

And we can add a new phrase - GET VACCINATED!